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Compilations - Issue 582

Hunee - Hunchin' All Night


Hunchin' All Night

Rush Hour
Korean Berliner Hunee, real name Hun Choi, has gradually cemented his position as one of the world's most in-demand talents, both behind the desk and in the booth. Amsterdam's Rush Hour has long been an advocate of his soulful output, releasing his debut set ‘Hunch Music’ in 2015 (he and label co-founder Antal can frequently be found spinning together) and a handful of singles, with this latest mix collection also landing on the eminent imprint. Allowing him to show off his crate digging, ‘Hunchin' All Night’ is a Balearic masterstroke, melding Portuguese electronica from Carlos Maria (a Benirras sunset transformed into sound waves), with the oddball disco of West African soundtrack composer Boncana Maiga. Stanilas Tohon's 'Owhaaou' (us neither) is a jangling '80s pop anthem par excellence. When he locks into the house grooves, he does so with consummate class, dropping the magical Blak Beat Niks' ‘Ritual Of Love’, followed by the legendary Larry Heard's ‘Burning 4 You’, a deep and dubby vocal. Hunee's own edit of Mappa Mundi's ‘Trance Fusion’ will soothe your soul, while you'll be able to show off to your friends that you're totally across world house music with African Futurism's ‘Akal Akal’. This will be on rotation all summer long.
Ben Arnold
Max Cooper - Balance 030

Max Cooper

Balance 030


Expect the unexpected
It’s hard to think of anyone more suited to the 'Balance' series than Max Cooper. He’s a scientist who takes a meticulous approach to everything he does, be that mesmeric audio-visual shows, playing six-deck sets or designing music for a 3D soundsystem. Musically he is out on his own, and in this mix alone draws on ambient, electronica, deep techno, drum & bass and broken beat. That’s a wide remit, but one that Cooper distils into a mix that is utterly unpredictable and non-linear. It has downtempo moments throughout rather than just at the start and end. Moments of intricate melody are followed by dark, stripped back grooves, and slippery jungle rhythms make way for zoned out drones. Like everything Cooper does, then, ‘Balance 30’ is unique.
Kristan J Caryl
Night Slugs Allstars X


Night Slugs Allstars X

Night Slugs

Future showcase
A lot has happened musically since L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok launched their ever-progressive label 10 years ago, but Night Slugs has always remained quietly ahead of the pack, demonstrated in this collection of back catalogue tracks, archived cuts and newer sounds from label talent and pals. A hefty Lil Silva remix of Bok Bok’s 2011 tune ‘Silo Pass’ announces the bass-heavy, future-facing sounds that put Night Slugs on the map — but this comp is more than just a dip into the bass bin. Tracks from Girl Unit with Kelela, and DJ J Heat and Neana showcase the label’s more soulful, R&B-leaning side. Elsewhere, there’s an industrial tear-up from Fiedel, wonky house from Altered Natives and two belters in Hysterics’ sweaty techno rush and Cooly G’s heady ‘Digitally Higher’, all making you realise just how gloriously uncategorisable Night Slugs is as a label — which is why we love it.
Tristan Parker