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Compilations - Issue 580

Deetron - DJ-Kicks


DJ Kicks

We can’t say if Deetron meant his 2006 tune ‘Mr Smooth’ to refer to his dress sense or seduction technique, but it could certainly apply to Swiss artist Samuel Geiser’s DJing. The secret to success is similar in all those cases: paying plenty of attention to detail while making it seem like you’re making no effort at all. Deetron’s previous mix albums — 2011’s ‘Balance’ and 2014’s ‘fabric 76’ — demonstrated this perfectly, seamlessly stitching together different styles with a panache that made other DJs seem like someone in a shellsuit licking your ear. Although ‘DJ Kicks’ is less eclectic than ‘fabric 76’, which featured DJ Sneak, Caribou and Nils Frahm, Deetron does make a marvellous mix mined from the more sophisticated sides of house and techno. If he didn’t make his love for Detroit plain enough in his artist name, it’s abundantly clear here with tracks from Carl Craig and DJ Bone, alongside artists inspired by the Motor City such as Linkwood and Morgan Geist. Derrick May’s ‘Kaotic Harmony’ aside, Deetron never reaches for obvious tracks or tricks though: subtly winding from deep beginnings through an uptempo midsection to an emotive electronica-washed end in a manner that suggests he’s never breaking a sweat — even if you are.
Paul Clarke
Lena Willikens - Dekmantel Selectors 005

Lena Willikens

Dekmantel Selectors 005


Specialist selections
Salon Des Amateurs resident and Cómeme radio show host Lena Willikens can do no wrong right now; her monumental career moves so far are proving that this year will be her strongest yet. She’s already defined herself as an expert selector, through her gigs worldwide and on the airwaves, so it’s no surprise that the tastemakers at Dekmantel have also taken heed, inviting her to mix their latest compilation. It moves through a multitude of sounds and moods, and proudly boasts rarities and unreleased exclusives she’s already been testing out in the clubs, crossing genres from lo-fi techno to trippy electronica. The artists she’s commandeered include experimentalist Parrish Smith, Sweden’s towLie (one half of the duo Empfänger with DJ Sling), her Cómeme label mate and new wave/EBM beatmaker Borusiade and JASSS.
Anna Wall
Will Saul - Inside Out

Will Saul

Inside Out

Aus Music

A consummate Will Saul experience
The mission statement of the new Aus Music ‘Inside Out’ series, to ‘blur boundaries between artist albums and mix compilations’, is one that we’ve heard before. While it promises to offer future hosts the opportunity to do daring things with their mixes, label boss and ‘deep’ aficionado Will Saul is emphasising his A&R expertise on its debut instalment, with 22 mint exclusives. Just as you’d expect from a craftsman like Saul, his mix hits all the right notes as a methodically planned excursion across a comprehensive array of deep club sounds, and is programmed with the kind of attention to detail needed, which makes it a rare treat. The most striking thing is the number of surprises and tonal shifts he’s able to deftly execute across 80 minutes. It might not be anything resembling an artist album, but this hardly detracts from the debut ‘Inside Out’.
Angus Paterson
Miami 2018 mixed by Dubspeeka


Miami 2018 Mixed By Dubspeeka

Get Physical

Something to rely on
A reliable, sturdy selection of dark, dubby, slow-building techno, Steve Rachmad’s languid remix of M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade’s ‘Home’ subdues the original, Floyd Lavine’s 'African Techno Remix' of Thor Rixon’s ‘The Clown’ is spartanly hypnotic, and Dubspeeka’s own ‘Symbols’ lifts the pace. Best of the bunch, however, is Robert Hood’s clanking, quirky, clappy remix of ‘Extinction Event’.
Sunil Chauhan